Poetry Day

The Poetry Day festival, which runs from 10th – 23rd November is now in its tenth year. It is held each year around the anniversary of the birth of the great Czech Romantic poet, K. H. Mácha (b.16.11.1810).

This year the festival’s theme is “To see the world in a grain of sand” (William Blake). During the two weeks there will be poetry readings and activities in clubs, cafes, theatres, schools, libraries, universities, (and even on the streets, under bridges, up hills…) in over 40 towns throughout the republic. Events are organised by groups, institutions and individuals who are interested in celebrating the importance of poetry in our lives. There are actions by and for children as well as readings by the most well-known and established poets in the country. The Poetry Society coordinates these activities by publicising the events, and also holds its own events.

Czech and International Poetry Days in Prague

The festival is not only a Czech celebration – we also celebrate the poetry traditions in other languages and communities. This year, along with a number of Czech and foreign institutions, groups and individuals, we have organised a number of events under the title “Czech and International Poetry Days in Prague” (though some of the international poets will also be reading in Pilsen, Olomouc and Ostrava). As well as established Czech poets the programme features authors from Algeria, Argentina, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Wales and there will also be poetry readings in Arabic, Romanes and Lusatian-Sorbian.

We hope you will find something to interest you in the festival,


The Poetry Society