Poetry Day 2006 Programme


This year’s theme is Kde Domov můj (The title of the Czech national anthem - Where is my home?)

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Blansko, Bohumín, Brno, Březnice, České Budějovice, Česka Lípa, Domažlice, Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Havířov, Horšovský Týn, Hradec Králové, Cheb, Chodov, Chomutov, Jičín, Kadaň, Krnov, Kroměříž, Kyjov, Liberec, Náchod, Nepomuk, Nová Paka, Nová Včelnice, Nové Město nad Metují, Olomouc, Ostrava, Plzeň, Police nad Metují, Prague, Přerov, Rakovník, Rumburk, Strážov, Třeboň, Vaňovské vodopády, Veselí nad Moravou, Vlachovo Březí, Znojmo, Žatec

Changes in the programme are possible, please check details with individual venues to be sure.


Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
A Poem for You
poems will be handed out to all interested, the entrance to the library will be decorated with poems. Reading of childrens’ poetry.
Městská knihovna, Rožmitálova 4
Public library
16. 11. 2006
A few lines for you
Poets of the Maryška Salon read their works.
Salón Maryška, nám. TGM
16. 11. 2006
11:30h – 12:30h
A little poetry never hurt anyone
1) Opening of an exhibition of the photographs, poems and poetic texts of the school’s students on the theme -Where is My Home? (1st floor)
2) Performance of student’s music groups
3) Performance by the drama group
4) Celebration of the launch of the students’ school almanac
5) Showing of students’ films on the theme Where is My Home
6) Announcement of the authors of the best photographs, poetic texts and films
Střední průmyslová škola elektrotechnická, Kounicova 16,
Industrial Middle School
23. 11. 2006
POKUP – Poetic-civic literary cabaret at the doll shop
this time on the theme of Falling Leaves in the Fall. Hosted by Petr Moučka and Ondřej Zahradníček, organised by o.s. Notes.
Fonotéka a prodej panenek U sv. Anny, Úvoz 4

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
  13.11 – 16.11. – Contemporary Poets – a book exhibition
Městská knihovna a infocentrum, Náměstí 16
Public Library and Information Centre
16. 11. 2006
A Poem That Fits on Your Palm
a poem on Where is my home dedicated to all the readers and visitors who use the Municipal library and information centre. Meet with the writer Zdena Brožová in the childrens’ section of the library.
Městská knihovna a infocentrum, Náměstí 16,
Municipal Library
Česká Lípa
7. 11. 2006
  Karel Hynek Mácha – poet of our landscape. A lecture on the occasion of the 170th anniversary of the death of K.H.Mácha
Městská knihovna, nám.TGM 170,
Municipal Library
14. 11. 2006
  Old songs from European nations and excerpts from a musical setting of Mácha’s poem May. Voice and music by the Jiří Traxler group
Městská knihovna, nám.TGM 170,
Municipal Library
České Budějovice
9. 11. 2006
Gearóid Mac Lochlainn
Northern Irish performance poet. In cooperation with the British Council.
British Centre, Krajinská 2
  Events organised by CHOFILIS, a regional association for film and literature
13. 11. 2006
14:00h – 19:00h
Reading in the streets
authors who are not yet so well-established read their “poems that fit on your palm” for the pleasure of those who happen to pass by.
14. 11. 2006
8.00h – 14.00h
The entire school in a poetry web
a creative workshop of Pavel Urban (poetry from Slovakia)
15. 11. 2006
10:00h – 12:00h
Duet without Vine-dication
Slovak writer Pavel Urban reads his works to the students.
Gymnázium J. Š. Baara
19:00h – 22:00h
Duet without Vine-dication
Slovak writer Pavel Urban and CHOFILIS members read their works to the general public in the coffee house
Gymnázium J. Š. Baara
16. 11. 2006
16:00h – 18.00h
CHOFILIS among books
a performance by CHOFILIS members
Městská knihovna B. Němcové, B. Nemcova Public Library
17. 11. 2006
For the residents’ pleasure
a morning full of literature
Penzion pro seniory Domažlice,
Domažlice Residential Hotel for the Elderly
Benji likes rhymes
an afternoon for parents and children alike
Mateřské centrum Benjamínek,
Benjaminek Centre for Mothers
Dvůr Králové nad Labem

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
  Exhibition of Czech poetry on the library premises, including the corridors, all sections, windows and public conveniences. On borrowing books, every reader will be also given a poem from the Poetry Tree.
Městská knihovna Slavoj, Tylova 512
Public Library
16. 11. 2006
19:00h A poetic evening asking Where Is My Home? and answering, Here! Organised by the Literary Group S.P.I.
Hudební oddělení Městské knihovny, Pavlovova 2,
Music Section of the Public Library
Horšovský Týn
21. 11. 2006
Ceremonial opening of the Literary Harvest 2006
Events held on this occasion include the publication of an almanac, public readings, a music performance, as well as an exhibition of art works on the premises of Horšovský Týn Municipal Culture Centre.
Městská knihovna, náměstí Republiky 102,
Public Library
Hradec Králové
14. 11. 2006
Public readings by authors gathered around the students’ magazine Viselec
in cooperation with Hradec Králové University. The event is a part of the Literary Workshop chain.
Studijní a vědecká knihovna, Pospíšilova třída,
Education and Science Library
21. 11. 2006
The Plains of the Homeland
A programme for those fond of poetry and music.
Poslechové studio hudebního oddělení Knihovny města Hradce Králové, Tomkova 620,
Listeners’ Lab in the Music Section of Hradec Kralove Public Library

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
  Children’s Section – children can fish out three words from a hat and try to compose a poem with them. The best entries will be displayed and their authors rewarded. Adult Section – each visitor can take sheets with poems from a basket. The library will be decorated with noticeboards presenting different towns, the poets born there and their works. An exhibition of poetry collections and a reminder of the achievements of local people of letters.
Městská knihovna, Obrněné brigády 18
Public Library
Chodov u Karlových Varů
21. 11. 2006
The Life and Work of Jean Arthur Rimbaud
a lecture by Petra Šlaufová. After the lecture members of the audience are invited to read out their own poetry.
Městská knihovna, Staroměstská 55
Chodov Public Library
16. 11. 2006
Where Is My Home?
Public readings by Svatava Antošová (Teplice), Jana Michalcová (Lubenec), Julie Gübelová (Praha) and Karel Rada (Kadaň). Also featuring Milena Dolečková, Patrik Linhart and Filip Erdélyi.
Café Rouge, Chelčického 100
14. 11. 2006
A Day in the Week of postal employee Vladimir Vasek of Mistek, or A Day Will Come!
Organised by the Jicin literary association LIS.
Městská knihovna, Denisova 400
Public Library

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
  Literature lessons will be focusing on poetry – reading favourite poems, attempts to write poetry as well as an attempt at a single poem co-written by all students. The school premises will be decorated with poetry and artistic renderings of poems.
Gymnázium Kadaň, 5. května 620
Kadan Grammar School
14. 11. 2006
Kromeriz Region Library – A Wind Called Jaromír
Extracts from the poetic prose of Jaromír Tomeček together with his contemporaries’memories and verses by Jan Skácel. Part of the programme will be also devoted to painter Zdeňek Mlčoch.
Muzeum Kroměřížska - konferenční sál, Velké náměstí 38
Conference room of the Kromeriz Regional Museum
14. 11. 2006
Reading by Petr Hruška
Music (metalofon and voice) Yvetta Ellerová.
Městská knihovna
Public Library

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
My Home in Word and Image
13. – 16. 11. An exhibition of the students’ works of art and literature on the school premises.
Klvaňovo gymnázium, Komenského 549
Klvan Grammar School

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
  Art contest organised by Kunraticka school. Children are invited to illustrate a poem and deliver it to the Regional Scientific Library. Deadline – end of October.
Základní škola Kunratická, akce na pobočce KVK Liberec, Rumjancevova 1362/1
Kunraticka Primary School, Regional Scientific Library
Mysterious Mácha
Exhibition of portraits by Czech painters. In cooperation with Česká Lípa Museum and Gallery and the K.H.Mácha Monument in Doksy.
Krajská vědecká knihovna, Rumjancevova 1362/1
Regional Scientific Library
  Art and literature contest for children aged 6-15 on the theme - Where Is my Home? The best entries will be displayed in the Childrens’ Library and their authors rewarded.
Krajská vědecká knihovna, Rumjancevova 1362/1
Regional Scientific Library
9. 11. 2006
Macha’s Evening
Karel Hynek Macha’s works and his place in literature
Městská knihovna, Kamenice 105
Public Library

9. 11. - 22. 11.
Poetry in Space
scrolls with poems on them for visitors to take - poems everywhere
Městská knihovna, Kamenice 105
Public Library
18. 11. 2006
Poetic tea-party
Poems by Nepomuk authors, reading of favourite poems by participants, new translations of Costa Rican poetry.
Restaurace U Zeleného stromu, nám. A. Němejce 69
Svejk Salon, The Green Tree Restaurant
Nová Paka
22. 11. 2006
a) a display of the winning entries of the school competition Prasiliada
b) Erben’s Kytice (Bouquet) dramatised by the students - school assembly hall
c) exhibition of the students’ art works – school corridors
d) parallel events co-organised by the Students’ Club and class teams
Gymnázium a SOŠPg, Kumburská 740
Grammar and Vocational School
Nová Včelnice
15. 11. 2006
  1. Creative workshop for young children – Where Is My Home? – Let’s paint our town
2. Art work competition – Where Is My Home? – Nová Včelnice through childrens’ eyes
3. Quiz – How well do you know poetry?
4. Exhibition – Poetry is alive too
Městská knihovna, Komenského 386
Public Library
Nové Město nad Metují
15. 11. 2006
An hour with music and verse
Poems by Fr. Gellner, V. Nezval, J. Orten, J. Prévert, I. Diviš, J. Skácel and others recited by Blanka Jedličková and Lucie Peterková. Musical accompaniment by Musica per fiati.
Městská knihovna, Komenského 22
Public Library
Gearóid Mac Lochlainn a Jarlath Henderson
Performance poetry and pipe music from Northern Ireland. In cooperation with the British Council.
Klub Ponorka, Třída 1.máje 8
9. 11. 2006
The Best of Semafor Theatre
– the music and drama programme of 2. E and 3. F classes, or W+V+J Would Be Surprised
Střední průmyslová škola, Ostrava - Vítkovice, Zengrova 1
Industrial School
14. 11. 2006
A Bit of Poetry Won’t Do You Any Harm
recitation contest. Also readings of the students’ own works
Střední průmyslová škola, Ostrava - Vítkovice, Zengrova 1
Industrial School
15. 11. 2006
Recitation Marathon
students and teachers of the grammar school
Vestibul Matičního gymnázia, Dr. Šmerala 25
Maticni Grammar School Foyer
8:30h Inter-grammar school poetry recital contest for secondary school students of the North Moravia Region, within several age categories.
Gymnázium Olgy Havlové, Ostrava-Poruba, M. Majerové 1691
Olga Havlova Grammar School
16. 11. 2006
  The teaching of the day’s humanities subjects will be interwoven with poetry. At high noon (12.00 sharp) the day’s events will end with readings of the students’ own poetry as well as their favourite classics.
Wichterlovo gymnázium, Čs. exilu 669
Wichterle Grammar School
Ceremonial opening of the school gallery
Who Was K.H. Macha? – the author through students’ eyes – class 3.F
- students’ workshops
- exhibition – ‘Romantic posters’ by 2nd year students - 2.E, 3.F and D
- photography exhibition
- presentation of the students’ journalism texts
- presentation of the students’ art works
- the students’ experimental poetry (3.C, 1.A,1.B and other classes) - exhibitions in class 2.F: Illustrations of Wilde’s Canterville Ghost in verses and Erben’s Kytice (Bouquet), photographs inspired by selected poems of P. Bezruč
Střední průmyslová škola, Ostrava - Vítkovice, Zengrova 1
21. 11. 2006
In Wolker’s Footsteps
a literary fact-finding trip to Olomouc and Prostejov
Střední průmyslová škola, Ostrava – Vítkovice, Zengrova 1
Industrial Middle School
22. 11. 2006
  Literary programme in the school library
Střední průmyslová škola, Ostrava - Vítkovice, Zengrova 1
Industrial Middle School

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
Poems That Fit on Your Palm
every visitor of the library will be given a poem on a coloured sheet. Their authors are contemporary poets living in the region, and the topics will relate to the theme Where Is My Home. The library premises will be also decorated with these poems.
Knihovna města Plzně, B. Smetany 13
Plzen Public Library
10. 11. 2006
I am a woman here
A performance combining poetry and dance. Featuring Irena Velichová and SMOG Dance Company.
Moving station, Jižní předměstí
11. 11. 2006
A Story in a Lost Coin
Poetic workshop led by Mathej Thomka, the head of Madokýš Literary Club from Martin in Slovakia.
Polanova síň Knihovny města Plzně, B. Smetany 13
Polan Hall of the Plzen Public Library
12. 11. 2006
Poetry at Every Corner
Public readings in the streets, face to face with the Plzen pedestrian zone. Starts in front of the West Bohemia Regional Museum.
před Západočeským muzeem start akce
13. 11. 2006
(Com)promiscuity Blues
A poetic show by Pavel Urban, one of the most promising young poets from Slovakia. Music (chanson, blues) Kristýna Radačovská and Ondřej Římek.
Kulturní kavárna Jabloň, Krátká 2
Jablon Cultural Coffee House
16. 11. 2006
20:00h Reading of writers associated with the Ason Club (the all star team Ason).
Kulturní kavárna Jabloň, Krátká 2
Jablon Cultural Coffee House
22. 11. 2006
Contemporary Poetry
A sequel to the cycle Classic Poets, this time dealing with the poetry of song lyrics. Hosted by PhDr. Vladimír Novotný, poems recited by Jan Sojka and David Charvát.
Polanova síň Knihovny města Plzně, B.Smetany 13
Polan Hall of the Plzen Public Library
Police nad Metují
14. 11. 2006
Blind Man’s Holiday
Verses from a Pile of Butterfly Wings. Zdeněk Odl presents his texts and photographs. Music by František Pohl and Jan Linhart.
Čítárna knihovny, Komenského nám. 1
Public Library Reading Room

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
  Poetry Day events will be connected with the yearly Salon – an exhibition of the students’ art works. This year’s theme: ‘contrasts’ – as this is the 15th Salon, which means 15 = 1 x 5. Inspirations were themes of pilgrimage, fairs, journeys, diaries….many ideas were inspired by the works and life of K.H.Mácha and his poem May, but also by the works of other artists such as František Skála.
Střední pedagogická škola, Denisova 3
16. 11. 2006
Poetry Day
Events throughout the day: students’ readings of their own works; photography exhibition inspired by the theme Where Is My Home? – each class has it’s own display.
Gymnázium Zikmunda Wintera, nám. J.Žižky 186
Zikmund Winter Grammar School

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
  Poetry for Children – nursery rhymes and verses - programmes for 1st form pupils.
Městská knihovna, dětské oddělení, Třída 9. května 150/29
Children’s Section of the Public Library
13. 11. 2006
14:00h - 18:00h
Poetry in the Library
the library premises will be decorated with poems
Místní knihovna
Local Library
16. 11. 2006
Programme composed by 2nd year students
(songs, a ballet performance, music, pantomime, a recitation, a dramatisation of K. H. Mácha’s Maj –May – and its parodic rendering).
8.00 – 8.45 – final rehearsals directed by Mgr. Jana Havlová.
Táboritská 688, v prostorách školní třídy na Obchodní akademii v Třeboni
Vaňovské vodopády
18. 11. 2006
A Poetry Rain under Vaňovské Waterfalls
verses read by poets of the Totem.cz Magazine, as well as other interested participants.
Vaňovské vodopády u Ústí nad Labem
Vaňovské Waterfalls
Veselí nad Moravou

10. 11. - 12. 11. 2006
  A display of local poets’ works on the cinema premises (poems by Pavel Žák, Jaroslav Frýdek, Kateřina Medková and others) as a part of a cycle of Russian films, which is dedicated to Andrej Tarkovski. Organised by the Public Library.
Kino Morava, nám. Míru 666
Morava Cinema
Vlachovo Březí
15. 11. 2006
Mácha behind the door
a public reading by current and former pupils of Josef Broz Primary School and their guests.
Galerie BoMBa, Komenského 356
BoMBa Gallery

Events taking place throughout the Poetry Day
  The school has prepared a noticeboard commemorating K. H. Mácha and the Poetry Day (6.11. – 22.11.) A Poet through the Young Generation’s Eyes – art exhibition in the entrance hall (9.-22.11.) To Be a Poet. – school literary contest for beginning writers. Winning entries will be chosen by the Czech language teachers and announced on 22.11.
SOU a SOŠ, SČMSD, Přímětická 1812/50

9. 11. - 30. 11. 2006
Are You Forgetting Poetry?
book exhibition
Městská knihovna, Zámečnická 9
Public Library
9. 11. 2006
A Morning with Poetry
students take turns to read selected authors’ poetry.
SOU a SOŠ, SČMSD, Přímětická 1812/50
10. 11. 2006
18:00h A get-together with young poets of the region, with music.
Městská knihovna, Zámečnická 9
14. 11. 2006
15:00h Afternoon reading by Mr Vidensky, a Mathematics teacher whose hobby is poetry. Also the poetry of F.Gellner.
SOU a SOŠ, SČMSD, Přímětická 1812/50
15. 11. 2006
Playing with Poetry
selected pupils will compete in several tasks (piecing together a poet’s picture, re-composing a jumbled poem, solving a crossword…)
SOU a SOŠ, SČMSD, Přímětická 1812/50
21. 11. 2006
An Autumnal Browse Through Poetry
the secondary school pupils perform for the primary school pupils
Městská knihovna, Zámečnická 9
Public Library
10. 11. 2006
8:00h 8.00 Students meet with their teacher to discuss his book with him.
SOÚ a SOŠ SČMSD, Hošťálkovo náměstí 132


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